Your own Story with Love
A walking contradiction, like everything that’s awesome in life.

Tolstoy said: “Happy love stories are all alike, but every Story with Love is happy in its own way.” I swear he said that, seriously. And it fits like a glove: I also think that every video I make speaks of the distinct personality of its protagonists. We’re both such geniuses 😉

But seriously: in terms of visuals and vibes, each video I produce ends up looking like its owners. Want to customize it even further? You can choose from several options. Ask away!


Is it just you at the weddings?

Ahem: It’s my camera and me. I told you I was picky with shoes and video takes, right? So I like saying things from my point of view, and having a discreet and portable type of video equipment helps people around me relax —that’s how I can slip in and record those truly natural moments, the ones we all end up remembering in the end.

Are you willing to travel?

I actually love traveling! I live in Barcelona, but I’m willing to go wherever you are — and the crazier the better, so hit me up with your plans to marry inside a Hawaiian volcano or among the llamas in the middle of Patagonia, OK?

How do you plan to marry couples living far from your city?

Do keep in mind that you’d need to cover any lodging and transportation costs. If you have any questions, contact me to find out more.

And how do we hire you?

The first steps: we get to know each other a bit, I confirm my availability, you can reserve your wedding date with me. Now here’s the boring part: you sign an agreement, put down a payment of 40 percent of the total cost and you pay 60 percent —here’s the fun part— after you get your Story.

Tell me about yourself, tell me about your life.