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Una contradicción andante, como todo lo chulo de la vida.

If you’re here, you already know that my name is Mónika and I make wedding videos. Now, you probably don’t know that I’m also a professional bowtie fixer, that I have a PhD in White-Gown-Related Applied Physics and that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of those songs people swear suck balls… and yet those same naysayers can’t help but move their hips once they start playing. I’m also a great bartender for anxious cousins and a last-minute shrink for bridesmaids, a bonafide grandma-hugger, a Fly Girl impersonator and an improvised choreographer of some damn good moves. Well, to be fair, only those couples who have one of my Stories in their hands are aware of these parallel occupations.

I still can’t explain why I’m so into walking around wedding parties with a camera around my neck. At first I thought it was the weekly bash: Who wouldn’t love being around people serving looks and serving booze?. But actually, I later realized it’s because I have a lil’ old gossip inside of me: don’t mind the tough cigarette-and-Furiosa-in-Mad-Max look… I actually love hearing people’s love stories, and meet crazy souls who were able to find each other. I truly believe that love is the most delicious ingredient in any cooking recipe, and it’s the same for filming —when there’s love both in front and behind the lens, videos do come out better. I get giddy when I get to meet new people and I’m charged with the responsibility of video-narrating the story of such a special day for them.

Maybe I had no choice but to work in the audiovisual field. I was born with weird eyes —take me out for some beers and I’ll tell you where this damn “la txina” nickname comes from— and I put as much effort into picking my shoes and picking playlists —that is, far too much. The latter is a good thing, though, specially when it comes to selecting personalized soundtracks for your Stories.

In other words: this gal right here (see picture to the left) is like good bread —hard on the outside but soft and mushy on the inside. She’s the one to catch those unexpected moments in a wedding celebration because she’s always inside the storm. She’s also as nitpicky as she is loving when it comes to editing video and audio. That is, she’s a walking contradiction… Like everything that’s awesome in life, right?


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